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i have an exam starting in half an hour. i hardly studied for it… which brings me to the pros and cons of not studying for exams:


  • less chances of success
  • more stress during the next exam


  • less stress now
  • more time over the last couple of days for other stuff (like my term paper which i handed in yesterday *yayyyy*)

i’m going to take this as a good thing now.

There is a lot of life that doesn’t happen online and if people are having a tough time online, my suggestion would be to get offline, to get into the real world, the physical world and to give a break, start again, build a new community.
Look at who you’re hanging out with. Sometimes those places or those people you may want to be around, aren’t so important after all.

Jared Leto

Bystander Revolution 2014

(via ssiduri)

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